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Without you and people like you, it's a BLANK book. Help us fill it by telling us your story. It can be about anything or something specific that we've asked about. Just say whatever you've gotta say. If you have trouble "writing," tell your story to a friend who can type it for you or record yourself telling it, then type it. It only takes a few minutes to speak 400 words. And by the way, if your story gets published in one of our issues, you'll get paid $50 bucks!

Story Submissions

Gonna submit a story? Cool. You can either type it in the field below or copy it from your Word doc and paste it here. It should be about 400 words. A good story usually has a beginning, middle, and end, you know, like an intro, body, and conclusion. It should be a true story about a personal experience you've had.

Be sure to tell us what the main theme is by typing it in the field below. If you're short on ideas, check out the upcoming issues button on our homepage. That'll give you some ideas about what to write about.

Our people will need to contact your people (your parents) if we wanna use your story, so be sure to provide accurate contact info. K? Good luck!


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Be sure to include your name, address, and birth date in your submssion.