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March 2009: Hey! Welcome to our website! Great to see you! Click around and see what's up. If you don't have our books yet, click here to buy Issue #1, click here to buy Issue #2, and here to buy Issue #3. We're still working on Issue #4, so there's still time to submit your story!

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February 2009: Yay! Jon & Jayne’s Guide to Getting Through School (Mostly Intact) is officially released! (click here to buy!) That wraps up the first three issues in our series. We're working on Issue #4 (Teen Flings 'n Other Guy Girl Things), so click on Story Submissions and get writing! We wanna here what you have to say about dating stuff. What you have to say could help someone else just like you. (Well, nobody's just like you.) There's still plenty of time cause we're taking a little break. School is tough this year!

January 2009: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2009 is the beginning of something great. What that great thing is going to be is totally up to you! The great thing we did so far is FINISH the third issue in our series, Jon & Jayne’s Guide to Getting Through School (click here to order). It goes on sale in February. Whew. Glad that’s over. We worked really hard, with school work, sports, and clubs on top of that. Bet you’ve got a pretty busy schedule too. Don’t we all? Anyway, we’re taking a little break before we start issue #4, Teen “Flings” & Other Guy/Girl Things. If you’ve got any dating stories or advice you want to share, send it along. There’s plenty of time! See ya soon!

December 2008: Hi! We think our books make the perfect holiday gift! Click here to buy Issue #1! With the holidays coming up, there's so much to do--like have fun, spend time with friends (and family), go to parties . . . oh, and speaking of parties, we've got lots of advice on those . . . Click here to buy Issue #2! No matter what you celebrate--Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, or Festivus--there's lots to feel good about it! Have a really really happy holiday season! See u in 2009!

November 2008: Hey! Change is in the air, don't ya think? With all the stress our parents have been going through with the economy and all, it's been pretty stressful for us too. But now, there's new hope for all of us with the outcome of the presidential election. How exciting was that?! True, we couldn't vote, but it was our future the country had in mind when it made the decision to go a new way--the "Yes, we can!" way. That's what we've ben saying all along. When you think you can, you can (if you try your hardest). Now's the time for us to start paying attention to what's going on in our country and in the rest of the world . . . we ARE the voices of the future (and that's the most important "F" of all). Have a happy Turkey Day!

October 2008: Hey! How's everything? It's all great here, and with school in full swing, it's also REALLY busy. That doesn't mean we won't make some time to go to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studio in Orlando next weekend though! It's just a three hour ride from where we live in South FLA. Spooky, scary, fun, freaky, blood-curdling . . . that's what Halloween's all about—that, and eating candy and having parties. If you're planning on throwing a Halloween party this year, check out our book Jon & Jayne's Guide to Throwing, Going to, & "Surviving" Parties for some awesome party ideas. See ya soon!

September 2008: Wow! It's September already. Summer's over and we've got a whole year of school to look forward to (if you can look forward to something like that ). Now's the time to get involved (or start thinking about it) in clubs and activities. Find something you love (or like) and do it! Clubs and activities are great ways to make friends and expand our minds and horizons. While you're at it, don't forget to tell us what you think about them either at the 7F Forum or write a story about your experience and submit it! While you're at it, click on Tell the World, and let us help you share your message with the world--whatever it is. Can't wait to hear from you and see you in our next book: Jon & Jayne's Guide to Getting Through School (Mostly Intact). See ya soon.

August 2008: Just a few more weeks left before school starts again--oh no, where did the summer go?! There's still time to submit your story for Issue #3: Jon & Jayne's Guide to Getting Through School (Mostly Intact). Click on Story Submissions and get writing. You can help other people like you (and us) figure out how to survive the school "daze." Or click on "Tell the World" and get your voice heard in our next issue. Either way, hang out a while and click around. Tell us what you think of the site or our books by clicking on Contact Us. Whatever you've got to say, we wanna hear it. Talk to you soon!

July 2008: Hey! How's the summer going? Here in South FLA, it's hot hot hot . . . but we're having a blast! Been to the mall, the beach, the local pool, Boomers, the movies, and oh, Issues #1 and #2 went to a library conference in CA. (Did we hit the big time, or what? ) You're probably real busy this summer too. Don't forget to make time to read . . . our books! Are you working? Are you playing? What r u doing? Exactly how do you spend your summer? We wanna do an issue on Summer Vacations, so any help you can be would be great! Submit a story about what you're doing this summer or chat about it in the 7F Forum. And don't forget to submit your tell the world message by clicking on the TelltheWorld box. See ya soon!

June 2008: Hey! How's it going? We're doing great! It's almost time for SUMMER vacation--we've got a ton of studying to do for finals. We think we'll make it thru. Our first two books (Issues #1 and #2) went to LA for the big book convention called BEA on June 2-4. Lots of other books were there too, but we think ours made a good first impression. If you read issue 1, you know that first impressions count BIG. This summer, we'll be busy getting issue 3 ready--it's about getting through school. SomethiNg we all need to do, whether we want to or not. If you have any thoughts of your own for getting thru school, shoot us an email and share your ideas. We always wanna know what's on your mind!

May 2008: School's almost out. Time to party! (Or maybe it's time to get serious, or maybe do a little of both.) Issue #2 is on the bookstore shelves! Yay for us all. Check it out. It's got a lot of great party ideas and some really good advice (at least we think so). We're planning a party of our own for Memorial Day at the beach. It's gonna be the kinda thing where eveyone brings some food amd drinks. We'll do a little surfing, some swimming, toss a frisbee or something, and do lotsa eating! It's not gonna cost much, and it's gonna be awesome. So far, we've invited about 20 people. That's a pretty good size, but the beach is public property so who knows.....Stay tuned!

April 2008: Hey! How's everything going? Issue #2 is printed (Yay!). Looks real cool. It's officially released on May 1, so you gotta wait till then to do the Quickie and the Drama (your limerick's gotta wait too). So stay tuned! Meanwhile, visit the forum and post your thoughts. Got a conundrum? Post it. Got something to say to the world? Click on the earth and say what you gotta say. Can't wait to hear from you! We've been really busy working on Issue #3 (getting thru school). If you wanna get in, submit your school-related story asap.
Jon & Jayne signing off . . . for now.

March 2008: Whoa! Totally can't believe it's March already! Issue #1's been out for a month, and we’re just about finished with Issue #2 -- parties! Our friends and us are busy working on Issues #3 & #4. (And we're sorta driving each other crazy!) Wanna help? Submit a story about how you get thru school or share your thoughts on dating (or not). We wanna hear from you! Let us know what's on your mind and we'll help you get your voice heard. Who doesn't want to be heard? (Keep an eye out for Issue #2. It’s on sale May 1st.)

February 2008: Hey! What's up? Got Issue #1 in hand? Cool. Click around and see what we're all about. We are REALLY excited that #1 is out there (with #2 close behind) and that our website is doing its thing (mostly)! This means we're being heard (and seen) and, not only that, we can help you get heard too. Write to us, tell us what you're all about and share your ideas for enhancing our 7F world. This is as new to us as it is to you, so let's get this adventure going, together.

January 2008: Hey! You’re a little early (we're still under construction), but it’s great you’re here. Issue #1 is coming out in February (yeah!). Hang out for a while and check out our upcoming “issues.” Our books are kinda like a cross between a book and a magazine. That’s why we call them "issues", cause they come out every three months and cover issues that we think are important and you probably do too.

Each issue is Internet-active, and that’s why we have this website. When you pick up issue #1, you’ll see what we’re talking about. Solve the Drama, Conundrums & Solutions, Quickies, Surveys, Tell the World, & Quizzes are all here and in there. To access some of these features, you’ll need passwords (and keywords for the drama). You’ll find the ones you need in the books.

Meanwhile, send us an e-mail, submit a story, or whatever. We could totally use your help w/ our future issues. We’re really looking forward to hanging out. c u soon!!!!!!