Issues #1 and 2
Oh, The Drama!

Our publisher, HCI TEENS, is the "cool" division of Health Communications, Inc., called HCI for short. HCI headquarters is in the SUNSHINE state, FLA, the place we just happen to call home. Aside from our books, HCI TEENS has other EXCELLENT books to choose from, and we bet you've probably even heard of a bunch of them. Anyway, click here to visit their site and check out the other great reads.

So, anyway, our publisher's place is pretty cool—and so are the people who work there. Everyone's got their quirks, of course, but we all know there’s nothing wrong with that. They all work really, really hard, and that's what matters. Sometimes, they even have fun, maybe even too much fun, but just for a few minutes at a time .

Don't know if you know what it’s like in other publishing houses, but here (which is out of the ordinary, which makes it xtraordinary), you can actually get to see your own book being made from beginning to end.

Check out the photo below. It's cool even if it's not your own book.

Bindery Day!

So, not only do they have a whole lot of cool people and a bunch of cool machinery that does really cool stuff, they also have a store called Reading Etc., that sort of looks like a scene from The Mummy (in a good way). The stuff they sell is really nice but mostly stuff that adults like to buy. You can get great gifts for your parents if you've got the bucks.

We heard rumors about there being a Ping-Pong table somewhere in the building, but we haven't actually seen one (yet).

Anyway, we'd like to thank all the people there for helping us and believing in us. Thanks, everyone!

Jon & Jayne