Hi ya! Jayne here. This is my little Chihuahua, Pico. When Pico has a problem, he whines. If he's cold, he whines. If he's hungry, he whines.
If he wants to be picked up, he whines. Sometimes it seems like he's always whining.

If you've got a problem, don't just whine about it like Pico. Talk about it with friends or family. And if it's a real serious problem, speak to an adult you trust. Whatever you do, don't let your conundrum get the best of you. Find a solution!

Conundrums & Solutions

Got a conundrum we might help solve? Enter it here and maybe you'll see an answer from us in one of our upcoming issues. Since our "issues" only come out every three months though, get some advice from people who can give you some help now. Call a help hotline or speak to an adult you trust as soon as you can.


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