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What's It All About, Jon & Jayne

It’s about you. It’s all about you—and people like you who want their voices heard loud & clear! In this Internet-active series of books, Jon & Jayne Doe (no relation, “just” friends) represent the average (but always xtraordinary) guy and girl. It’s no secret: Jon & Jayne are fictional characters who are brought to life by a whole bunch of creative, smart, silly, quirky, knowledgeable, xtraordinary people (everyday teens and some relatively hip adults, “the crew”) so that you have a place to go to have a good time, maybe vent if you need to, be heard when you’ve got something to say, and to be yourself (cause there’s no better way to be).

What’s the 7F community?

When you’re a fan of Jon & Jayne, you’re automatically part of the 7F community! Jon might protest it, but he’s still part of it. Can’t avoid it! There’s no place to run! We can all relate to the 7Fs: friends, fun, fights, family, feelings, fashion, and flirting. 7F isn’t where it ends. It’s just where it starts. There are so many other things that don’t necessarily start with F that are important too! But whatever, 7F is what we call it. So, welcome to our 7F world. Post your thoughts in the 7F Forum. We wanna hear from you!